Casting Resins

Epoxy, Epoxy Gel, & Polyester Casting Resins

Chroma-Craft Casting Resins

2000 LV Epoxy Resin is a 100% solids resin with very low odor and a wide range of utility. It can be poured into molds, voids or brushed on as an epoxy coating.  Our Casting Epoxy contains additives to absorb UV to keep the epoxy from yellowing.  Casting Epoxy is to be mixed 2 parts Resin “A” with 1 part Hardener “B” – by volume and provides several hours of Pot Life and a 24 hour cure.  It can be colored with our Resin Tint, Pearl Powders and Glitters.  It can also be mixed with our SpinGems™ for filling cracks and voids.

Epoxy Gel

Epoxy Gel is a 100% solids, low odor resin specially formulated as a high-viscosity gel designed to be thick enough to fill voids without dripping or sagging from a vertical surface.  It can also be used to create texture on any surface.  While the gel is not glass-clear, its translucence allows it to be combined with Resin Tint, Pearl Pigments, Glitter, and SpinGems™ to glue, decorate or enhance your project. Epoxy Gel is to be mixed 2 parts Resin “A” with 1 part Hardener “B” – by volume.  It provides several hours of pot life and cures in 24 hours.

Polyester Casting Resin

Polyester Casting Resin is clear, colorless and has low viscosity which makes it a good choice for many casts and encapsulations.  It is UV stable, offers a quick set/ project turn-around and can easily be colored with various pigments or left glass-clear for that “window” effect.  Polyester Resin can also be combined with natural and synthetic products like wood, SpinGems™, pigments, glitter, etc. to create entire projects or inlays that enhance other items.  Use it to make inlays or pouring blanks for pens, duck and turkey calls, yo-yos, goblets and any other items that you want to cast.  After curing, the blanks are sanded or finished on the lathe.