Chroma-Craft™ Wood Dye , Colorants, & Casting Resins

Where to turn for creative products
Innovative products designed to work together • Stunning colors • Paints, dyes, colorants, resins • Polymer inlays • Gilding and patina pastes • Made in the USA

Chroma Craft™ is dedicated to providing new and innovative products including top quality, premium colorants, paints, inlays, and casting materials suitable for professional and amateur artists and artisans who demand the best materials for their projects.  Our products are directed towards the artist/artisan market involving painting, casting, and woodworking including turning, carving and restoration.
Our high quality is evident by our collaboration with World-Renowned bowl turner and artist Nick Agar. Together with Nick, we have developed the Nick Agar Signature Series which initially includes Chroma-Gilt™, a metallic-effect paste, Web FX™, a web effect paint, and Wood Dyes in liquid, aerosol or marker form.  Nick tours the world demonstrating to artists/artisans of all abilities the many uses of these and other Chroma Craft products.
Chroma Craft’s premium products and techniques can turn a good craftsman into an accomplished artist. Use Chroma Craft and transform your workshop into a studio.