Wood Dyes 4 oz. Liquid, 5 oz. Aerosol, Marking Pens

Wood dyes provide brilliant transparent colors that enhance but do not obscure the wood grain or figuring. Formulas are made with a fast-drying alcohol base utilizing the highest quality, UV-stable dyes available. Adding pure shellac provides more uniform coverage and helps to seal the wood.

Use the dyes as single colors or mix together in liquid form to create new colors. Multiple coats of different color dyes can be applied on top of each other for stunning effects. A clear coat with UV protection, such as our Chroma Craft clear acrylic, is recommended for coating the finished product.

All dye colors are offered in liquid, pen and aerosol form that can be used together or separately depending on the user’s preference or desired effect. The pens provide precise lines and shading. Use the new aerosols for beautiful shading effects that have only been achievable by using an air brush. The liquid is used for complete coverage or blotted on with a towel or brush for marbling effects. Denatured alcohol works best for cleaning and blending the colors.