Maxicut Forstner Bit ROTASTOP ™

• Patented cutting head design
• Self-cutting able center point
• Asymmetrical chip breakers
• Made out of high alloyed
tool steel
• Patented RotaStop shank

The new cutting head combines the
advantages of a Forstner Bit with
those of a Boring Bit. Suitable for half,
inclined and overlapping bore holes
and also for deeper holes. And it is
much easier to re-sharpen. The sectioned
cutting rim causes less heat production
which ensures a considerably
longer tool life. The saw tooth effect
of both cutting cam pairs on the circular
cutting edge leads to an evidently
easier and faster working.
The chip breaking grooves on the
internal cutting edges cause an excellent
chip chopping which guarantees
a smoother drilling and easier
swarf Removal.