Wood Finishes

Chroma-Craft long-lasting wood finishes that both protect and beautify your work from harmful UV rays.

Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer formulation combines exceptional durability and a smooth, even coating with the convenience of an aerosol can. It works great as a topcoat on wood, metal, plaster, masonry, and unglazed ceramic. Dries to touch in 20 minutes for quick use indoors and outdoors.

WRU-20 is a water-reducible urethane coating with outstanding durability and adhesion that works well on wood, metals, and a number of other substrates. The easy-to-use formula yields a tough, chemical-resistant finish. WRU-20 can be used as a low-gloss topcoat or as a sealer/protective barrier to protect the wood and intermediate coatings from additional finish coats. WRU-20 can be brushed, wiped, or used with an airbrush, and offers water clean up until it dries. WRU-20 should be airbrushed on top of Chroma-Gilt™ to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the metallic finish.

Steve Cook’s Tung Oil Finish provides a durable and Food-Safe finish for wood surfaces such as kitchen utensils, cutting boards, bowls, etc. This drying oil finish penetrates the wood and forms a durable and water-resistant coating. It is available in a wipe-on liquid or easy-to-use spray. Steve Cook has been using this unique finish for over 10 years on a variety of his wooden kitchen wares, cutting boards, and countertops.

Chroma-Craft finishes are our choice of long-lasting wood finishes!