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Chroma Craft Accent Paste is an easy-to-use, wax-based formulation containing UV stable gilding and patina colors. The accent paste provides subtle accents or bold metallic effects on wood, metal, and ceramics. Colors can be used alone or blended and are easily mixed with spirit thinner to adjust the viscosity for your preference of application method (brush, cloth, foam, etc.)  Finish with Chroma Craft Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer for best results.

Since the Accent Paste is wax based, it is especially useful for filling grains and small voids in embellishments as well as smooth surfaces.  The excess can be wiped off with spirit thinner even after it has completely dried.  Liming White is often used to completely cover a colored and/or textured piece and then wiped off to give a whitewashed effect.

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