California Air Tools 5 Gallon Pressure Pot

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California Air Tools 5 Gallon Pressure Pot

The California Air Tools 365C (5) Gallon Pressure Pot  for Casting.

Features a Teflon® coated steel tank for easy clean up,(removable) casters for stability, double output regulator, On/Off ball valve and pressure relief valve.

Maximum Pressure: 80 PSI

Operating Pressure: 60 PSI

Internal dimensions: 13" Wide x 14 3/4" deep with lid applied.

A standard 5 gallon paint pal/bucket 
(Dia.12" x H 14 1/2") can fit inside this pot.

Exterior dimensions are 16" Wide x 24.5" High with lid  assembled.

* Air Hose (inlet) Connection – 1/4″


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