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Acrylic Cloud Paint is a water-based formulation with unique characteristics that create special effects and faux finishes. It works on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic as is or thinned with water. Different colors can be mixed together or tinted with acrylic airbrush paint.

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Cloud Paint Red 2 oz.

Acrylic Cloud Paint has a unique water-based formulation with special color characteristics. The iridescent and pearlescent colors are translucent in a thickened formula that creates special effects and faux finishes.  Thicker coatings will appear milky, while thinner coatings reflect strongly against dark backgrounds.  To get a “cloud” effect, a droplet of paint can be pushed with air, allowing ripples and waves to yield a slightly mottled look.  Against a dark or black background, the mottling will result in a colorful “cloud” that can be combined with similar or contrasting colors to yield a rainbow of “clouds” on a project.
The Acrylic Cloud Paints can be mixed together or tinted with our Acrylic Airbrush Paints to create your own unique colors. Acrylic Cloud Paint can be used on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic and most painted surfaces.


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