Easy Full-Size 3-PC Turning Set


Easy Full-Size 3-PC Turning Set

This impressive set of Easy Wood Tools comes with all three tools (Rougher, Finisher & Detailer) and can be used to complete almost any project you set your mind to. These are made 100% in America & EWT only utilizes the highest quality materials available. The Easy Rougher is a carbide cutter woodturning tool that addresses fatigue, safety, and efficiency like no other type of tool on the market. Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor. The Easy Rougher will effortlessly remove massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening. The Easy Finisher takes another step forward in woodturning innovation; Easy Wood Tools Finisher takes up where the Easy Rougher leaves off. The Easy Finisher has a round carbide cutter perfect for doing the inside work on smaller bowls and for larger coves on spindle work. The Easy Detailer tool provides another level of woodturning creativity as the unique diamond cutter shape fits in tight places where the cutters on the other tools will just not fit. These tools are designed for the primary purpose of doing the small intricate work and cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work.

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