Live Center Mandrel with ⅜" self-tapping threads


Live Center Mandrel with ⅜” self-tapping threads

The Live Center Mandrel is meant to be used with your 60 degree live center. When putting a decorative loop onto your handles it is best to use the Live Center Mandrel so the handle can be turned all at once. We recommend that the hole for the decorative loop be drilled while it is on the BSM or UM Mandrel to make sure that the holes are in-line.

Precision machined in the USA! Rust protective black oxide coating. Unlike other mandrels ours run true to within .002″ of an inch. Free storage case included. Mandrels supplied with a screw on/off plastic washer. We have had a few requests for the washer as it helps prevent the wood getting stuck on the mandrel. The washer should be removed when threading the wood. The use of the washer is optional.

Live Center Mandrels:

  • Are precision-machined
  • Rust protective black oxide coating.
  • Screw on/off plastic washer.
  • Run true to within 0.002″ of an inch so your workpiece runs true.
  • Come with an individual clear plastic case for safe storage.

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Live Center Mandrel with ⅜" self-tapping threads


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